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Spectrum Founded in 1985

For over 30 years Spectrum has committed itself to providing consumers innovative storage and organization solutions while offering the best in service, quality and value. As one of the leading design and manufacturing firms in the housewares industry, we take great pride in listening to our customers and designing items that meet their needs. Spectrum excels at creating unique products that are trendy, functional and built to last. Spectrum’s knowledgeable and creative in-house product development team proudly designs all products here in the USA. We continually strive to create the very best product on the market and that shows with the astounding number of patents we currently hold – well over 400!


Retail Capabilities

Spectrum is a full-resource firm that can meet any retailer's needs. Our design team is renowned for developing products that are functional, cost-effective, and fulfill the consumer's need. We work hard to meet and exceed the expectations of retailers throughout the world. Our products can be found in homes on nearly every continent.

Our art department creates eye-catching packaging and point-of-purchase (POP) displays, while our logistics team ensures superb product quality and timely execution all the way from the factory floor to the store shelf. We also offer a robust private-label program that is proven to provide impactful sales and increased brand equity for retailers.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Spectrum's passion for quality and value can be seen in countless restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and break rooms across the country. With our domestic based design staff, we are constantly working on new styles, improved designs and unique offerings to continually freshen and grow our product line.