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Bloom Small Fruit Tree - Satin Nickel

Manufacturer: Spectrum
SKU: 21078
Bloom Fruit Tree Small SN
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Add some floral freshness to your produce storage with the Bloom Small Fruit Basket & Banana Hanger from Spectrum Diversified. Keep produce nearby by displaying it on your countertops. Encourage your family to choose a healthy after-school snack by leaving out apples, oranges, pears, or bananas. Store your onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and more near your meal prep space to remind you to incorporate the vegetables into your dinner. By keeping produce and healthy options in beautiful food storage within easy reach, you might be encouraged to eat a little healthier. Inspired by the blooming of a spring flower, this design will add a touch of freshness to your kitchen countertop. Whether you are inspired by the beauty of blooming flowers or the refreshing nature of new life, this countertop organizer will revitalize your kitchen. The sturdy steel base sits evenly on countertops, dining room tables, bars, and more. The durable metal center arm and hook do not bend under the weight of fruit for stable support of banana bunches. Holds a variety of bunch sizes to accommodate all banana-buying habits. Tall arm holds long bananas, and sturdy hook supports large bunches. Open wire design allows ethylene gas to circulate, encouraging even ripening in fruit. Air circulation also prevents buildup of ethylene gas, so your fruits will stay fresh for longer as the gas causes produce to continue ripening even after it’s reached maturity. Hang the bananas to add a day or two to their ripe, usable life. Additionally, prevent bruising by keeping bananas off of countertops. Wire storage limits overripening, expanding the window in which you can enjoy your fruits and vegetables. Made of sturdy steel.

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