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Elements Utensil Set of 10, Stainless Steel - Charcoal

Manufacturer: Spectrum
SKU: 60147-200
Refresh Your Kitchen with Tovolo Elements Stainless Steel Utensils!

  • Versatile Tool Collection: Embrace the convenience of a 10 -piece set that covers all kitchen tasks. From grating cheese to slicing pizza, popping a bottle or opening cans, these tools have you covered for mixing, serving, flipping, and more.
  • Complete Kitchen Refresh: Elevate your culinary experience with an all-inclusive set of eleven stainless steel kitchen tools. Revitalize your utensils effortlessly with this comprehensive assortment.
  • Durable Stainless Steel: Each tool boasts stainless steel craftsmanship, ensuring a blend of durability, longevity, and practicality. Embrace a kitchen tool set that's built to last.
  • Modern & Streamlined: Infuse your kitchen with sleek elegance. The stainless steel design of these items brings a clean, contemporary look that seamlessly integrates into any modern kitchen setting.
  • All-In-One Solution: Perfect for new apartment dwellers or those looking to upgrade, this set eliminates the hassle of selecting utensils individually.
  • What's Included: Tongs, Kitchen Sheers, Box Grater, 2-in-1 Can Opener, Slotted Turner, Pasta Claw, Mixing Spoon, Spatula, Ladle, and Pizza Wheel.
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    When it comes to refreshing your kitchen utensils, look no further than the Tovolo Elements Stainless Steel Utensil Set. Great for people moving into new homes, apartments, or condos, this set is perfect for stocking up on the essential kitchen gadgets without having to pick and choose each item. Each item in the utensil set fits into its role perfectly, with durability, longevity, and modern appeal in mind. Featured in this set are the following products: tongs, mixing spoon, spatula, slotted turner, ladle, pasta claw, kitchen shears, box grater with sealed storage, 2-in-1 can and bottle opener, and a pizza wheel. Revitalize your kitchen gadgets in one easy place with this all-in-one pack.

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