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Euro Banana Holder - Black

Manufacturer: Spectrum
SKU: 42910
  • BOLD BLACK FINISH: A bold and sophisticated black finish, this Banana Holder adds a touch of elegance to your countertop fruit storage.
  • ELEVATED RIPENING: This banana hook extends freshness by preventing premature bruising. When bananas are elevated off countertops, natural and even ripening occurs making your fruit last longer.
  • VERSATILE HOLDER: This banana hook holds a variety of bunch sizes to accommodate all banana-buying habits and to ensure no tipping or wobbling takes place.
  • SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION: The solid steel construction captures quality, style, and durability all in one unmatched design.
  • EURO COLLECTION: Shop Spectrum's entire Euro collection to perfectly complement your kitchen storage accessories for a modern and streamlined look.
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    Add a sophisticated touch to banana storage with Spectrum’s Euro Banana Holder. Whether you prefer to eat your bananas slightly green, yellow, or spotted, enjoy them the way you like with this stylish holder. This banana hook prevents bruising and provides natural, even ripening by elevating bananas off countertops. The wide sturdy base eliminates wobbling yet leaves a minimal footprint on the counter, making this the perfect addition to any kitchen. The clean, smooth lines of the Euro collection married with a bold black finish, radiate a sense of elegance and class; a perfect combo for those looking to organize their kitchen in style.

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