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Finley Spoon Rest with Ceramic Dish - Black

SKU: A37410
  • MINIMALISTIC MODERN: A simple aesthetic and smooth black finish give this spoon rest a touch of minimalistic modern charm, making it a perfect kitchen organization accessory for those looking to organize in style.
  • LESS MESS: Place this spoon rest near the stove during long food or meal prep tasks to ensure your mixing tools have a place to rest without dripping.
  • HOLD IT ALL: Use it to hold whisks, spatulas, mixing spoons, and more during food prep tasks or arranging utensils in a buffet line.
  • CERAMIC BASE: The integrated ceramic base is removable and easy to clean after dinner is made, simply wash with soap and warm water.
  • LIFTED DESIGN: The ceramic base rests above the counter to keep your mixing spoons, serving spoons, and whisks lifted and off the stovetop surface.
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    Give your mixing spoons, tasting spoons, and ladles a stylish resting spot with Spectrum’s Finley Spoon Rest. This utensil rest helps eliminate messes and spills on your counter or cooktop, so you can focus more on cooking a delicious meal rather than the clean up afterwards. Keep it by the stove to hold your mixing spoons during big meal prep tasks or use it to arrange serving tools in a buffet line. The solid frame is made from sturdy steel, while the holding dish is crafted from easy-to-clean ceramic to serve your cleanliness needs for years to come. Its simple aesthetic, clean lines, and smooth black finish give this spoon rest a touch of minimalistic modern charm. Perfect for kitchen’s needing a little TLC in the organization department!

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