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HEXA In-Fridge Bin Set of 4 - Clear

Manufacturer: Spectrum
SKU: A36750

  • AIR FLOW: Removeable interior trays keep food raised off the bottom of the bin, improving air flow for your produce, fruit, and vegetables, allowing them to ripen naturally.
  • STACKABLE STORAGE: Raised feet allow this set of bins to be stacked atop one another and promote vertical storage.
  • SCOOPED FRONT: Scooped front cutouts allow for easy access to cooking ingredients, afternoon snacks, and more; when stacked, these cutouts make it easy to obtain contents without having to rearrange the entire refrigerator.
  • SEE IT ALL: These clear trays allow you to easily see what is inside; you can also use dry erase markers to label the bins, making for easier storage distinction. (Markers not included).
  • EGG TRAY: The hexagonal pattern of the added egg tray allows the weight of eggs to be evenly distributed throughout, minimizing the chances of tipping or wobbling, while also able to contain up to 18 eggs.
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    Organize your fridge in style with the HEXA In-Fridge Set of 3 Stackable Refrigerator Bins and Egg Tray by Spectrum Diversified. Crafted from durable plastic, these bins are built for the long haul and will serve your fridge storage needs for years to come. Removable trays allow these bins to be cleaned between uses, minimizing the potential for cross-contamination. The trays also keep food off the bottom of the bin, allowing for even air circulation to help your produce, fruit, or veggies to ripen evenly. These trays can also be stacked, helping you to organize your fridge vertically and maximize any potential empty space. The clear plastic is dry-erase friendly, which allows you to label the bin for easy distinction of ingredient storage. An additional egg tray allows you to keep 18 eggs in open and balanced storage, offering easy access next time you go to make an omelet. Think about adding a few to your fridge to discern between meats and vegetables, or stack them vertically to keep your produce separate and tidy.

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