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HEXA Sink Mat Flexible Clear

Manufacturer: Spectrum
SKU: A33250

  • INNOVATIVE HEXOLOGY: HEXA exists to solve your kitchen woes. With groundbreaking Hexology, you can say good-bye to scratched sinks. Our sink mats are designed to make your kitchen cleaner, more organized, and more efficient.
  • SOFT TEXTURE PROTECTS SINK: Soft plastic absorbs shock to protect both dishes and sinks. Non-slip texture keeps the mat in place and provides grip for the dishes. The flexible mat will hug the curves of your sink, adding superior protection.
  • DRAINS WATER: Openings between the hexagons allow water to drain easily, encouraging drying between washes. This limits bacteria and mold growth, and keeps your sink cleaner.
  • ROLLS UP FOR EASY STORAGE: Soft plastic rolls up tightly to fit into small spaces when needed. Roll up the dry mat and store it under the kitchen sink, in the cleaning closet, in the laundry room, or anywhere else you find convenient.
  • TRIM TO FIT YOUR SINK: Trim along hexagons to create a custom sink mat for your kitchen. Use sharp scissors to trim the mat if it’s too big for you sink or cut out a hole in the center for easier access to the drain.
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    Protect your sink and dishes with the HEXA Flexible Sink Protector from Spectrum Diversified. The unique hexagon design is not only stylish, but it is also functional: the openings between hexagons allow for quick water drainage, and you can trim along the edges to create a custom sink protector. Trim the mat to fit better in your sink, or cut a hole in the middle for easier access to the drain. The flexible sink mat hugs the sides of your sink for full protection. The soft-touch plastic sink mat grips the sink to prevent sliding and grips the dishes to keep them in place. Thick material absorbs shock if dishes are dropped into the sink, reducing the chance of damage to your cookware. The mat is flexible, so it can be rolled up for easy storage when desired. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry. Innovative Hexology protects both your sink and your dishware with shock-absorbing, soft-touch plastic. Water flows through the gaps between the hexagons, and the mat can be trimmed to accommodate unique sink size and drain placement. Made of flexible plastic. Do not place in the dishwasher.

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