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Hexa Sponge & Brush Organizer with Soap Pump

Manufacturer: Spectrum
SKU: A33312

  • ORGANIZE SPONGES & BRUSHES: Tall compartment is perfect for all your dishwashing accessories. Store dish brushes upright, allow sponges to drip dry, and stow steel wool off to the side. Tools will always be nearby when it’s time to do the dishes.
  • BUILT-IN SOAP PUMP: Refillable soap pump reduces waste and adds a streamlined look to your sink. Choose the orientation of the pump to make it work with your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. The clear plastic looks sleek in any room.
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN SINK ORGANIZER: Removeable base makes it easy to wipe away water drippings or soap buildup. Water and soap collect in the removeable base, so you can quickly rinse away residue before it becomes grime.
  • Open hexagons allow air and water to flow through the organizer, helping it dry thoroughly
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    Tidy up your sink with the HEXA Sponge & Brush Organizer with Soap Pump from Spectrum Diversified! The hexagon pattern offers unique functionality as well as stylish design: The dual base makes it easier than ever to keep your kitchen sink caddy clean. The dish brushes, sponges, steel wool, bottle brushes, and other dishwashing tools rest on base made of open hexagons, which allow for full water drainage and airflow for quick drying time. A solid base rests below it to catch the water drippings and soap residue, so you can remove the bottom tray and wipe it clean after every dishwashing session. A tall compartment holds dish brushes, bottle brushes, steel wool, straw brushes, and more. The HEXA Sponge & Brush Organizer With Soap Pump is also excellent for the bathroom—store toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup brushes, lotion bottles, and more next to the soap pump. Choose the orientation of the soap pump based on the flow of your sink organization. Made of plastic. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry. Do not place sink organizer in the dishwasher.


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