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Paxton Fruit Tree - Black

Manufacturer: Spectrum
SKU: A19810
Open Design: The open design of this fruit basket allows your fruit and produce to breathe while they're being served.Versatile Server: Place a napkin or printed parchment paper on the bottom of the basket and use it for a multitude of serving purposes, serve bread rolls with dinner, bagels or muffins with breakfast, or even light pastries for an afternoon snack.Raised Base: The base of the fruit bowl is lifted off the table to allow for maximum air flow of fruit or produce stored inside.Farmhouse Flair: The fruit holder is made with a rustic twist design and elegant arch. This functional piece of kitchen décor item adds an elegant farmhouse appeal to any home.Dimensions and Care: Measures 8" L x 8" W x 15" H. To clean, wipe clean with a damp cloth and towel dry.
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The Paxton Fruit Tree is an essential kitchen accessory for any healthy home. Easily grab and safely store fruit with this handy fruit bowl. In addition, the arched banana stand keeps bananas off surfaces, protecting the bananas from bruising too early. The fruit basket is essential for keeping fruit safely in one place, where they’re less likely to bruise, damage or rot. Basket features an open design on the sides and bottom to help keep fruit fresh for longer. Fruit will ripen evenly regardless of placement in the basket. This kitchen accessory is made with a rustic twist design, combining elegance with farmhouse appeal. Match with any aesthetic using this kitchen décor item as an accent piece. Its black color goes with all colors and appliances, and the steel construction makes it easy to clean. The Paxton Fruit Tree is 15” H x 8” W x 8” D and made from a durable steel material that doesn’t bend or break under pressure. Fruit Basket is easy to clean by wiping down with a damp wash cloth and drying with a towel.

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