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Wide Mouth Bottle Ice Molds S/2 Charcoal

Manufacturer: Tovolo
SKU: 22040-200
Chill Tall Drinks: the extra-large 3" H x 2" W Size is perfect for your favorite Highball glasses. Ice cylinders float vertically in glasses to cool your entire drink at once for an evenly chilled beverage.Keep Drinks Colder Longer: Avoid watery drinks by using these large, slow-melting cubes to chill your drink. Large cubes melt slowly to prevent diluting drinks, and ice may last long enough to pour another Beverage over it. Stack Molds Neatly: tight-fitting lids create a seal to prevent freezer spills and allow molds to stack. Conserve freezer space by utilizing vertical storage. The tight seal also prevent freezer burn and invading smells from affecting the quality of your ice, helping you craft a better-tasting drink.Create Sophisticated Cocktails: create spherical ice for a distinctive, unique look for your favorite cocktails. Also great for Iced tea, cold brew Coffee, soda, lemonade, punch, and more.Enjoy Without Worry: molds are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for the best possible user experience.
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Add perfectly formed sophistication to any drink with the Tovolo highball ice molds. These unique molds deliver the art and science of slow-melting, cylindrical ice without messy ice blocks or complicated carving. The extra-large 3" H x 2" W Size is perfect for your highball favorites. The silicone Cap seals tightly and allows the molds to stack neatly in your freezer, conserving space. Use these molds to add a unique touch to your cocktails, spirits, lemonade, Iced tea, cold brew Coffee, soda, and more! at Tovolo, we believe time spent cooking should be fun! We strive to improve our customers’ relationship with cooking by designing products that deliver trustworthy performance and genuine enjoyment. We strive to be the leader in kitchen tool innovation while bringing smiles to our customers. Our tools make home chefs feel confident and happy in the kitchen. With our tools, we hope you bake cookies for your neighbor. Teach your child your Grandmother's secret recipe. Surprise your coworkers with a treat. Share the joy of cooking and eating brings us all together.

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